Joint Appeals Commission of Inspection Authorities Holds Meeting

Chaired by Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan, the Joint Appeals Commission of Inspection Authorities held a meeting in the Office of Government.

The meeting examined three appeals lodged against the decisions made by the tax and customs authorities of the State Revenue Committee.

After consideration of the arguments provided in the appeals, the Commission complied with the appeal of one of the companies; the second appeal was rejected, while the third one was put off due to the ...


Progress in Inspection Reform Discussed with Prime Minister

Inspection Reform Coordinating Council’s 17th meeting  was held  the Office of Government.

The meeting first discussed the State control checklists for non-food products and services as submitted by the market surveillance authority of the Ministry of Economic Development and Investment.

Highlighting the need to comply with the business community’s interests, the Prime Minister instructed to explore the best international practices and revise the checklist.

The Council next discussed the proposed amendments to the law On Inspection Bodies, which suggests ensuring greater independence for ...


IRCC 15th meeting took place

      Chaired by the Prime Minister IRCC fifteenth meeting took place at the RA Government.

     In accordance with the Council meeting agenda, there was a hearing on the issue on approval of checklists of Market Surveilance Inspection Body.  Checklists for five spheres have been approved.

     The second issue on the agenda was the methodology of the risk-based inspection system for the Market Surveilance Inspection Body, which after a short  discussion has ...


A raising awareness seminar with journalists on Inspection Reforms took place

14. 11. 2014  The IRCC Secretariat  organized a raising awareness seminar with journalists on Inspection Reforms at World Bank Yerevan office. The goal of the seminar was to introduce the activities performed in frames of inspection reform strategy as well as to highlight the legislative basis for the reform development.

The Head of the Business Support Office- Armenia Gevorg Poghosyan made a presentation on the inspection reform phazes.

The seminar concluded in questions and answers.

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