IRCC 15th meeting took place

      Chaired by the Prime Minister IRCC fifteenth meeting took place at the RA Government.

     In accordance with the Council meeting agenda, there was a hearing on the issue on approval of checklists of Market Surveilance Inspection Body.  Checklists for five spheres have been approved.

     The second issue on the agenda was the methodology of the risk-based inspection system for the Market Surveilance Inspection Body, which after a short  discussion has been approved.

     In accordance with the following issue on the agenda, the Council approved making changes ang amendments to the RA Government’s draft decision as of September 10, 2015 # 1063-N  The draft specifically states that the Council will approve the inspection body authorized personnel, civil service passports and the candidacy of the Deputy Head of the inspection body.

     The Council also discussed the importance of the future roadmap for inspection system optimization.



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