Оn decreasing the amount of patent fee set for real estate companies

Since January 1 2013 the taxation mechanism for companies providing realtor services has changed and instead of paying profit tax the companies have to acquire a patent (license) for each employee equivalent to 60.000 AMD per month, which has substantially increased the payable taxes for those companies. The vast majority of the 120 registered real estate companies in RA are classified as SMEs that is why this decision was a considerable burden for them.

After holding a number of consultations and  studying international experience regarding taxation in such cases the BSO suggests:

1. BSO elaborated legislative change  in regard of setting the patent (license) for the realtors only (excluding administrative and other stuff)

2. Making it nominal so that it can not be transferred to any other person

3. Setting the new flexible rates based on the principle of payment decrease per 1 unit interconnected with realtor number increase in the company.


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